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First Class Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters

Benelli Boyz Outfitting is located on the edge of the Missiouri Coteau in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. The Missiour Coteau is a natural prairie area at the edge on the prairie pot hole region where waterfowl and upland birds nest and raise their young.  This area has long been referred to as "the duck factory" or the "prarie pot hole region" of North America. Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl play a huge role in keeping this habitat for future generations. We have several DU wetlands projects in our zone. We have strong numbers of resident ducks and Canada geese throughout the zone, but its the incredible numbers and diversity of waterfowl that keep you coming back year after year. It is not uncommon to see thousands of birds which migrate down from the north and begin to flock up in the vast prairie fields starting every September.  Our hunting and outfitting area is waterfowl/upland heaven with potholes ,native prairie and large shallow lakes. Whether you are doing the Ultimate Waterfowl Challenge, The Hunt 41 or just wanting to add a few species to your bucket list. it is not uncommon to harvest 15 different waterfowl species on your hunting adventure. Saskatchewan is the best waterfowl hunting in North America . Benelli Boyz Outfitting is Saskatchewans premier waterfowl outfitter! We look forward to creating life long memories. 

The hunt 

  • Our hunts upland and waterfowl hunts range from 3-5 days

  • Check in time/ orientation anytime after 3:30 the day before your booked date

  • Check out time is 12pm on your last day after the morning hunt

  • The 3 day trip consists of (5 hunts total) 3 morning hunts and 2 afternoon hunts

  • The 4 day trip consists of (7 hunts total) 4 morning hunts and 3 afternoon hunts 

  • The 5 day trip consists of (9 hunts total) 5 morning hunts and 4 afternoon hunts


What to expect on your trip 
Typically our day starts at around 4am with on contential style breakfast. Once the trucks and trailer are loaded up we will make our way to the freshly scouted field. We will be hunting until about 11 am or until we fulfil our morning limit. After the morning shoot we will meet up back at the lodge for lunch followed by some leisure time ex napping, fishing at our stocked trout pound, skeet shooting or run to town. After a few hours of relaxing we prep to head back out to a new field for the evening shoot.Once the hunt is complete we go back to the camp for a nice home cooked meal, tell some stories and and enjoy the evening around the fire, or in our world class trophy room.
















Saskatchewan daily limits

  • Ducks 8 per day/person 24 possession limit

  • Dark geese 8 per day/person 24 possession limit

  • White geese 20 per day/person no possession limit

  • Cranes 5 per day/ person 15 possession limit

  • Sharp-tailed grouse 2 per day /person 4 possession limit 

  • Hungarian partridge 8 per day/ person 16 possession limit


* (in the dark goose limit 5 may be white fronted with a 15 possession limit)

Hunting packages 

Hunting package (prices bases off groups of 5)

  • $2000 Usd +Tax / 3day ( 5 hunts total)

  • $2500 USD + tax / 4 day (7 hunts total)

  • $3000 USD +Tax/ 5 day (9 hunts total)

    Includeds the following 

  • Lodging 

  • Licences

  • All meals including snacks 

  • Guides,spotters,dogs, decoys and blinds

  • refreshments water, gatorade and pop

  • transportation to and from field 

  • skeet day and target shooting 

  • Bird cleaning 

  • sccure store area

  • fishing rods and tackle

*does not include Alcohol, gratuities and transportation to and from air port.


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